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Mirzoyan Arsen Vyacheslavovich - Director of the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Caspian Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries" (CaspNIRKh), Candidate of Biological Sciences.

Was born on January 23, 1977.

Graduated from the magistracy of the Biology and Soil Faculty of Rostov State University in 1999, majoring in Biology. He specialized in the department of genetics. In 2001 defended his thesis on the topic "Creation and approbation of a genetic and biochemical test system for monitoring environmental mutagenicity using leaves of woody plants". Specialties on the diploma: 03.00.04 "Biochemistry" and 03.00.15 "Genetics".

The scientific interests cover a wide range of problems of ecological aspects of reproduction of aquatic biological resources and mariculture, genetics of populations, genetic aspects of acclimatization of introduced commercial fish species.

Experience of administrative work as the head of the scientific divisions AzNIIRH more than 10 years.

Since 2017 - Director of CaspNIRKh


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