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The research fleet

The most powerful research fleet of Caspian Research Institute of Fisheries includes it itself 13 crafts, which 5 of them are intend to the sea research. The flagship of research fleet is RPS “Explorer of the Caspian Sea”, which is equipped a modern scientific equipment and field armory, with which The Institute cheats unique researches on the all area of water, including international expedition on evaluation the state of bio resourses and ecosystem of Caspian sea.

The materials of researches of Caspian Research Institute of Fisheries are shown a scientific base for distribution between Caspian states ODU trans boundary species (sprat, sturgeon, seal), and for confirmation fishing quotas and export the caviar. They are initial information for distribution quotes inside fish industry complex of Russia at the the control, commercial haul and for objectives of reproduction fishes inventory either. The unique biological and oceanographic materials are received as a result of several years standing allow to scientific prognosis of the changes of condition water bio resources and ecosystem of Caspian sea in whole.

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