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International cooperation department

Paltsev Valery Nicolaevich
Deputy Director General, FSUE “CaspNIRKh”

The division coordinates relations between the CaspNIRKh and fisheries research organizations of the Caspian Littoral States, as well as the international organizations and Conventions dealing with the study, protection and conservation of the sea environment and bioresources of the Global Ocean.

In the context of cooperation with the Caspian Littoral States the major tasks are the following:
  • coordination of works on realization of decisions of the Commission on Aquatic bioresources of the Caspian sea, on implementation of decisions of the Russian-Iranian Fisheries Commission;
  • participation in organization of international surveys in the Caspian sea;
  • organization of workshops and conferences with participation of the Caspian Littoral States’ experts;
  • draft preparation of the bilateral association Agreements between the CaspNIRKh and the research centers of the Caspian Littoral States.
The Institute cooperates with the various foreign governmental and non-governmental fisheries organizations and centers. This cooperation aims at the implementation of the following important tasks as the support of international authority of the Russian fish science and protection of fish industry in the Caspian sea within the bounds of close contact with the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and some other research institutes.

The Azerbaijan delegation - the participant of the Caspian sea aquatic bioresearches committee meeting

The aquatic bioresearches commitee meeting



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