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Scientific activities

Ученый совет
Совет молодых ученых
Dagestan branch
Laboratory in Kalmykia

Заведующая лабораторией – Петрушкиева Делгир Сергеевна, к.б.н.

State assignment

Regional project developed for the 450th anniversary celebration
The “Astrakhan encyclopaedia”

In 2007 20 scientists – employees of the Caspian Fisheries Research Institute ranked among authors of the first volume of the “Astrakhan encyclopaedia” (“Nature of the Astrakhan Region”).

Three-volume edition of the “Astrakhan encyclopaedia” (“Nature”, “History”, “Modernity”) is an important information source about nature, history and modernity of the Аstrakhan Region, accessible and understandable for high readership and information users.

Editorial staff consists of heads of organizations-partners: Director General of CaspNIRKh G.A. Sudakov, Head of the Astrakhan State Biosphere Reserve N.A. Litvinova, Rector of the Astrakhan State University A.P. Lunev, Rector of the Astrakhan State Technical University Yu.T. Pimenov, Head of the Regional Research Library named for N.K. Krupskaya L.V. Kolenko. Governor of the Astrakhan Region A.A. Zhilkin chairs the editorial staff.

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