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Совет молодых ученых и специалистов ФГУП «КаспНИРХ»

The Council of Young Scientists and Specialists "CaspNIRKh" created to bring together young researchers in the field of professional , innovative research, as well as in the organization of cultural events . Assists in the preparation of personnel for research , conduct research , promote the latest science ; representation , protection and realization of professional , intellectual , legal, and social and domestic interests and rights of young scientists of the institute.
The tasks of the Council include:

  •     activation of professional growth of young scientists;
  •     pooling their efforts to develop a topical scientific issues and priorities of scientific problems;
  •     representing the interests of young scientists and specialists in the state, municipal , academic , public and other organizations;
  •     organization and holding of scientific conferences of young scientists and specialists , promotion of scientific and practical seminars, round tables;
  •     organization of sociological research of young scientists;
  •     development of innovative young scientists.

The activities of the Council of young scientists and specialists based on the Regulation on the Board of Young Scientists and Specialists "CaspNIRKh" and is carried out according to the plan works.
Since May 2011 approved the new Council, which continues many years of work of their colleagues , as well as representing the interests of young people, as members of the Council of young scientists and specialists of the Governor and the Government of the Astrakhan region.


Begmanova Aliya

tel.: 8-960-862-11-13; e-mail: albegmanova@mail.ru

Klyukina Elena

тел.: 8 (8512) 44-00-61

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